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Disabled Shower & Wet Rooms for the Elderly

Stylish disability showers

Having a shower that is easily accessible and safe to get in is a key part of daily life. When showering becomes a difficult task we all need a helping hand, and luckily today there are many modern and effective disability showers and solutions to help showering become an easy and safe activity for anyone who finds it a difficult task.

At The Mobility Store our aim is to look at what your current bathroom set up is, and see how we can use our innovative solutions to make showering simpler, safer and easier. Servicing the Oxford and Aylesbury areas, and further afield, we supply easy access disabled showers in a range of styles and designs. Just pop into our showroom in Bessemer Crescent, Aylesbury (off Rabans Lane) to view a selection of disability showers today, or to learn more about the wet rooms we can create.

Wide Range of Disabled Showers

Easy access and secureWe install a large range of walk-in and disability showers, which come in a variety of module layouts to suit all bathroom sizes and designs. All feature an integral low ramp for easy access, anti-slip surfaces, tilting lips (to prevent movement and water leakage), and offer configurations of bespoke and standard doors and colour options.

With a range of door and module types, the showers we install are designed around making use of corner areas of bathrooms. These compensate for “out of square” walls, meaning that we can install into all bathrooms, even if the walls are not square to each other.

Speciality Showers for Disabled Users

All the products we supply, including specially designed baths and showers for disabled users, are manufactured by the leading brands in bath mobility. This means you can be sure that the products you buy with us are of the highest standard and will last a lifetime. Whether you are looking for baths or showers for disabled and elderly users, come to visit us near Oxford today and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Level Access Showers & Wet Rooms

The tray features a tiling lip to prevent movement and leakage of water, and the enclosures provide compensation for “out of square” walls. With a ramped access for easy entry the level access shower has been designed with the end user in mind, making it an obvious showering solution.

  • Surface mounted with integral low ramp for easy access.
  • Access point 35mm high.
  • Configuration of bespoke and standard doors, panels and enclosures available.
  • Reinforced GRP construction/weight limit 250kg/39st.
  • Anti-slip surface.
  • Tiling lip to prevent movement and water leakage.
  • Compensator for out of square walls.
  • Colour options available.

We can also create stylish and functional wet rooms which are the ultimate in practicality, and which prove popular with many of our customers who are looking for a simple way to shower in safety and comfort.

Serving Oxford, Aylesbury & Surrounding Areas

Enquire today and we will be happy to arrange a visit so we can see what options and solutions we can provide to you. Here at The Mobility Store we always put our customers first; we have a friendly approach and are happy to offer our no obligation advice to allow you to see just how much our wet room solutions could help you. Contact our Aylesbury-based team today for more details.