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Opening Times

  • Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday & Monday: Closed

Mobility Shop in Princes Risborough

At The Mobility Store, we supply a range of products and services to help support your needs whether it’s a case of navigating your home with a disability or travelling outside it. We make sure our customers are not limited when living their day-to-day lives, catering to many different requirements. If you’re looking for a mobility shop in the Princes Risborough area, then look no further. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a friend, or a relative, you can rest assured that when you purchase your mobility equipment with us, it will be safe, durable, and affordable.

Our range of mobility scooters includes portable car boot mobility scooters, pavement mobility scooters, and road legal mobility scooters. Car boot scooters are designed to fit into the boot of your car and made to use indoors, whether in the home or in shopping centres. In the middle, we offer pavement scooters, which can also be used outdoors, capable of travelling up to 19 miles when fully charged, with both of these options able to reach up to 4mph. Lastly, road legal scooters can go up to 8mph and have a larger range of 24 miles. They can even be used on the road when combined with a legal tax disc, offering a large, robust frame and including lights. To save more money, we also offer reconditioned mobility scooters.

For inside the home, we offer a range of adjustable beds and recliner chairs. Available to test in our Princes Risborough store, rise and recliner beds offer optimum comfort when sleeping, and our rise and recliner chairs are available as both armchairs and settees. As part of our service, we also offer installation of bath and shower disability equipment that is supplied through us, with walk-in baths and showers, and wet rooms tailored to your requirements. Additionally, we supply many other types of disability equipment, from stair lifts, commodes, walking frames, and wheelchairs.

To find out more, contact us through our web contact form. Alternatively, you can reach our Princes Risborough branch directly on 01844 399 090. A member of our dedicated team will be glad to assist you with your requirements.