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All About Our Mobility Scooters

Here at The Mobility Store, we have over twenty years of experience with our family run business. We provide a whole host of products and services to support you with your day-to-day life. Today we’re going to focus on the features of our extensive range of mobility scooters. There are three types of mobility scooters we offer to meet a range of requirements, including the portable car boot scooters, pavement scooters, and road legal scooters. Our disability scooters are available for sale both brand new, or reconditioned.

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Pride Go Go

We have 2 Brand New Pride Go Go Elite Traveller LX latest stock left from our Summer Stock @£565.00 each

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3 Effective Ways of Developing Independence Around the Home

As we grow older, many find that they are no longer as mobile as they once were, and that even simple tasks such as navigating stairs or getting in and out of the bath have become difficult. Many seniors live with the fear of falling down and not being able to get up, or becoming injured attempting to perform a simple task like bathing, and this makes them feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems that can give seniors a sense of security and independence once more. Continue reading →

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FAQ: Is a Walk-In Bath Right for My Home?

Walk-in baths can be a great way to add easy access and convenience to a bathroom for those who would otherwise struggle with standard baths and bathrooms.

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Mobility Solutions To Suit All Needs: From Walking Aids To Scooters

Here at The Mobility Store, we understand that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to mobility aids, which is why we endeavour to not only provide the best possible customer service when taking your requirements carefully into consideration, but to also provide the widest possible range of choice of products.

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Sleep Easy With Rise And Recliner Beds

It is estimated that we spend around a third of our lives sleeping. With this in mind, it is essential to find a comfortable bed to ensure a good night’s sleep, so make sure that your furniture matches your individual requirements. Rise and recliner beds are designed with ease of mobility in mind, making settling down to sleep a simple endeavour. Retain your independence and put your family’s minds at rest with one of these comfortable, easy to use, adjustable beds from Bath Mobility Store. Continue reading →

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New Mobility Scooters: The Ultra-Compact ‘Mobie Scooter’

Mobility scooters are all about freedom – giving you the freedom, no matter what limitations you may find you have in getting around, to continue living your life as normal, and that’s what we aim to achieve with our range of wheelchairs, mobility scooters, rise and recline products, and our bath/shower installations.

If nothing else, by purchasing a mobility scooter from us here at The Mobility Store, you regain some of that lost independence and freedom to become mobile, and carry out day-to-day tasks that you would otherwise find difficult.

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Mobility For Any Budget: New & Used Mobility Scooters Available

Here at The Mobility Store, we stock a whole range of products to help make the lives of those who are less abled easier and more enjoyable. Whether you struggle with mobility, extensive walking or simply need extra assistance getting in and out of chairs, baths and showers then we can help.

One thing our company and our staff all greatly understand is that two people can have wildly different needs, and this is reflected not only in our extensive selection of mobility scooters and mobility aids, but also the range of prices we can offer – helped by us stocking both new and professionally refurbished mobility scooters.

Improving Your Mobility & Giving You Independence

If generally getting around or simply walking longer distances poses problems and difficulties in your life, then it can often feel like your independence has been snatched away from you and you feel you have to rely on others more than your perhaps comfortable with.

Thankfully, a high quality mobility scooter from our store can transform your life, allowing you to perform everyday tasks such as visiting friends and family as well as making trips to shops and supermarkets a much more manageable experience. Our range includes everything from portable and compact scooters which easily fit in the back of a car, to pavement and road legal scooters – whatever your mobility and access needs might be.

Range Of Professionally Refurbished Scooters

Here at The Mobility Store, we understand that everyone has different budgets for what they are looking to, or are able to, spend on a mobility scooter. While our range of new scooters is extensive, we also offer a wide selection of professionally refurbished used mobility scooters to provide you with the same high quality scooter and product, with the only difference being the price.

All of our reconditioned mobility scooters come with a full year’s guarantee, with models currently available from as little as £295. Act fast, though, as our refurbished scooters are available on a first come first served basis – once they’re gone, they’re gone! You’re always welcome to visit our showroom to look at our full range of scooters, examine their condition and find one that’s right for you.

Our range of scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility aids are available in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Tring and in other local surrounding areas. To see what range of mobility scooters we have available, check out The Mobility Store scooters page or call us today on 01296 614 519 for some expert advice from our friendly team.

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How to choose the right disability shower for your home

Enjoying a relaxing bath or shower at home can be a great way to unwind and get rid of stress, aches and pains. But if a standard bathroom setup presents access problems for you, then bathing at home can create more stress than it relieves – as well as posing potential safety hazards. Here at the Bath Mobility Store, we run through the different kinds of bath and shower units we provide and whether they’re right for you and your home.

Walk-In Bath Units

Walk-in baths provide easy access to your home’s bathroom facilities, and are perfect for those who are generally still able to get around without much difficulty but may still struggle or feel unsafe when trying to climb over and into a conventional bath.

Here at the Bath Mobility Store, we stock a range of different units allowing easy bathing with a minimal amount of hassle thanks to the easy-access side doors and slip resistant bases. Our selection includes traditionally styled bath units, as well as walk-in baths featuring contoured seats for extra comfort when bathing.

Wet Rooms & Wheelchair Accessible Showers

Wet rooms or wheelchair accessible showers are a fantastic choice for a number of different reasons, whether you’re trying to make the most of the space in your bathroom or would simply find using something with such simple access the best option for you.

The best part about both styles of disability shower is that they provide an excellent bathing solution for anyone with difficulty getting around or a disability that usually impairs their use of standard bathroom fittings. Wet rooms provide you with a uniformly level surface in your bathroom, both in and out of your shower, as well as the option for secure and comfortable folding chairs, meaning that even if you’d have difficulty accessing a conventional shower base then you’ll be able to shower in comfort in your home.

All of our wheelchair accessible showers have strong reinforced GRP bases able to take up 25kg (39 stone) of weight and secure doors with 180 degree hinges, eliminating usual difficulties associated with accessing a shower in a wheelchair.

If you’re looking to make your bathroom safer and more suitable for you, then here at the Bath Mobility Store we can help make bathing enjoyable and relaxing for you again. As one of the leading suppliers and installers of wet rooms in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas, we can provide a whole array of bath and shower solutions to meet your specific needs. Call us today on 01296 614 519 to discuss our full range of products and to book a no obligation appointment or home visit with one of our expert team.

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Find Wet Rooms in Aylesbury, Amersham & High Wycombe Online

Looking for suitable wet rooms Amersham to be fitted into your existing bathroom is often a tedious and bewildering task. With so many companies claiming to supply the best equipment, and with so many different types and styles to choose from, it can become a little overwhelming at the best of times. So much so, that the easier choice is often to struggle with your existing bathroom, rather than experience the anxiety of what seems like a never ending futile search for the perfect wet room. Here at The Bath Mobility Store, we can provide the ideal solution without any more confusing or stressful experiences.

It’s often difficult to find the best solution for your bathroom, without having it there with you to compare sizes and available space. So what better than to have expert advice provided in your own home? Our specialists will visit your home, assess the area and devise the most effective solution based on your requirements. There’s also no need to be worried about being pressured into any purchases. Our visits are all no obligation, so that we can come to you simply to provide impartial, professional advice, giving you time to reflect on the correct action to take.

We supply a diverse range of high quality equipment, including walk-in showers and easy access baths, all of which will be expertly advised upon in a highly beneficial manner. We’ll be able to talk through your wet room specifications in order to provide and advise you on all aspects of increased mobility equipments, in order to make your life as easy as possible for the present and remaining future.

With crucial years of experience behind us, we at The Bath Mobility Store, have been able to supply and fit the most effective bathroom mobility solutions and wet rooms Amersham, Aylesbury and High Wycombe for many years, ensuring an enhanced quality of life for numerous happy customers.

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