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Opening Times

  • Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday & Monday: Closed

Mobility Aids

Stairlifts, Walk-in Showers & Wet Rooms

Helping to make your life easier

If you’re looking for mobility aids to assist your day-to-day living around the home, The Mobility Store has everything you need to help your life run smoother. With a wide range of products available in our showroom in Bessemer Crescent, Aylesbury (off Rabans Lane), we can work with you to optimise your home by implementing the likes of stairlifts, wet rooms and walk-in showers.

We understand the importance of ensuring you have the best levels of independence around your home as possible, letting you carry out everyday activities with the assurance of your own ease and safety.

Aside from larger mobility aids, we also have an array of smaller equipment that still offer a huge benefit, walking frames, pressure cushions, perching stools, shower stools, grab rails, commode chairs, disability walking aids and many more. If there’s something you require that you can’t presently see on The Mobility Store website, don’t hesitate to drop us an email or pick up the phone.


Acorn StairliftsStairliftWorking in partnership with Acorn Stairlifts -

The Mobility Store are delighted to present you with our range of stairlifts. Competitively priced and with a selection varied enough to suit every customer, you can achieve new levels of autonomy within your home in no time.

We take a holistic approach when it comes to your stairlift purchase from The Mobility Store – from assisting you with the best model for your needs, to a quick and convenient installation by one of our experts – we’re committed to getting you set up and ready to go as quickly as possible.

All of our stairlifts offer the following:

  • Manufactured to the latest and highest standards
  • Easy-to-use joystick with a smooth start/stop action
  • Swivel seat to avoid having to twist the body
  • Hand-held remote control
  • Sit or stand option for users who prefer to stand
  • Stairlift advice for an outside installation

Given our relationship with Acorn Stairlifts, we are able to offer you the best possible quotation for this product, so be sure to contact us today and get the ball rolling with your stairlift installation.


CommodeThe easiest ways of providing alternative toilet facilities.

Modern bedside commodes have every facility of a toilet except for running water. Considerably improved than the original models, they are more comfortable and safe. Their construction eases the bowel elimination process. It is not only the users but also the attendants who seem to be happy with the bedside pots.

Walking Frames

Walking FrameLightweight tripods & wheeled walking aids

There are assorted walking aids to help you while you are on your feet – such as walkers, canes and crutches. You can purchase single point canes, quad point canes, crutches, forearm crutches, walkers, rolling walkers, and rollators. These walking aids are all relatively lightweight and portable.