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Opening Times

  • Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday & Monday: Closed

Walk in Bathtubs

As the name suggests, with walk in baths you simply open a door and walk inside. The doors on these kinds of baths are built with sealant; once the door is locked the water cannot flow out of its sides.

The features of our baths include;

  • Available with right or left side entry.
  • Comes with front panel as standard.
  • Additional end panels available.
  • Choose from twist grip, pop up or chain waste.
  • Range of hydrotherapy options
  • Choice of tap positions.
  • Colour options available.
  • Range of stylish bath screens to suit.

With a low threshold and wide opening door our outstanding walk-in baths are easily accessible, and feature a carefully designed seat contoured for comfort and relaxation. For additional safety the baths have a slip resistant base, a watertight door and boast no hazardous catches or operating mechanisms…Just step in, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Supplying walk in baths to the Oxford and Aylesbury areas and beyond, our products can provide solutions for creating easy access, disabled bathrooms quickly and with minimal hassle.

A Range of Walk in Showers

Easy access walk in baths Bathing and showering should be activities that are an enjoyable part of daily life, and we take this for granted until bathing and showering becomes too difficult. A modern bathroom can have a range of obstructions that only contribute to the difficulties in bathing when it becomes a painful issue, and as such this part of daily life can become near impossible.

This is when products specifically designed for disabled bathrooms can help out enormously. For those who find getting into the shower difficult, we have great practical solutions in the form of walk in showers. Stylish and practical, these offer simplicity and ease of use, and being the same size as a conventional shower, they fit discreetly into your home.

Our products are designed with style as well as function in mind. Coming in a range of colours and styles, we have a disability bath or walk in shower to suit any disabled bathroom design and bath mobility requirements.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Designs

Our baths are a perfect addition to a wheelchair accessible bathroom. With wide opening and easy access doors, they allow bathing with the minimal amount of hassle. Come visit us in store today to see how our baths can be part of a wheelchair accessible bathroom design.

Secure, easy to open side doors

Easy Access Baths with Additional Features

The easy access baths we install also come with a choice of tap positions, left or right side entry doors, end panels and twist grip, pop up or chain waste options. These features mean the easy access baths we supply can be customised to your bathroom and taste.

Our on site inspection will help you choose what is right for you, at which point we will discuss your needs and any additional features, including hydrotherapy options.

Serving Oxford & Aylesbury

If you are looking to add one of our walk in showers or baths to your home in Oxford or Aylesbury, contact us today or visit our showroom in Aylesbury to see for yourself our great range of products.