3 Effective Ways of Developing Independence Around the Home

As we grow older, many find that they are no longer as mobile as they once were, and that even simple tasks such as navigating stairs or getting in and out of the bath have become difficult. Many seniors live with the fear of falling down and not being able to get up, or becoming injured attempting to perform a simple task like bathing, and this makes them feel uncomfortable in their own homes. Fortunately, there are solutions to these problems that can give seniors a sense of security and independence once more.

Walk in Bathing

Getting in and out of the bath or shower is a daunting task for many whose level of mobility has declined, and every day they live with the fear of slipping and falling. Walk in bathing can be a revolutionary addition to the home as it makes bathing a simple task once more. You can simply open the door and step into a walk in bath, without having to perform movements that begin to seem more and more like acrobatic feats as you age. Walk in bathing can give back the confidence and independence once held, and many units are easy to install in a typical bathroom.


Sometimes people reach a point where they simply cannot deal with stairs, and this can be a terrible blow to their sense of independence and freedom. Seniors who live in a building with stairs might begin to feel trapped in their own homes; unable to reach entire areas that they once called their own. A stairlift can be the perfect solution for such a situation. Installing a stairlift can be a quick and simple task, depending on the staircase in question, and can have a senior happily zipping up the stairs even faster than they were before.

Reclining Chairs

Even a task as simple as getting up out of their favourite chair can be difficult for some. It’s a terrible feeling to think that you can’t even sit down to relax without relying on a family member or friend to help you get up again. Reclining chairs are a simple solution to this problem, and are one of the easiest improvements to make in a home. A reclining chair will do most of the work for a senior, moving to a position where they can easily get onto their feet once again.

Here at The Mobility Store, we offer a wide range of mobility aids, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping people achieve a feeling of security and independence in their own homes. Whether you want a mobility scooter, an adjustable bed or chair, a stairlift or a walk in bathing unit, we would be delighted to talk with you about which product will help you achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions about our products. We can even arrange to visit the home of the person in question and give you a free, no-obligation quote for the upgrade you want.