All About Our Mobility Scooters

Here at The Mobility Store, we have over twenty years of experience with our family-run business. We provide a whole host of products and services to support you with your day-to-day life. Today we’re going to focus on the features of our extensive range of mobility scooters. There are three types of mobility scooters we offer to meet a range of requirements, including portable car boot scooters, pavement scooters, and road legal scooters. Our disability scooters are available for sale both brand new or reconditioned.

Portable Car Boot Mobility Scooters

The first type of mobility scooter is designed to fit into the boot of your car. For this reason, they are very lightweight and offer a great ability to manoeuvre. Due to their size and weight, these are ideal for indoor use, whether inside the home, or when you are out and about in shopping centres, museums and galleries, or any other indoor activity you may be doing. We have seven different models available, and you have an array of different colours to choose from. Depending on your chosen model, these scooters have a speed of between 4mph, and a range of between 10-15 miles.

Pavement Mobility Scooters

Next, we have a mid-sized portable scooter that is for use on pavements. This means that you’re not restricted to indoor use only, and you don’t need to rely on a car to get around. With these, you can get out and about to your local high street or park without the need for a car to get you from A to B. Available in eight different models, their larger size brings added comfort and stability. Depending on the model, speeds can range between 4-6.2mph and have a range of between 8.5-22 miles.

Road Legal Mobility Scooters

Lastly, for true independence, you can whisk yourself off on the road-legal mobility scooters. These wheels will provide you with a really robust frame, and the large frame will also provide optimum comfort. They require a tax disk for use on the road and are accompanied by lights for your security and safety. Depending on your choice between the eleven different models we stock, they can have a range of between 25-35 miles. The Freerider FR1 surpasses this and allows you to go up to a massive 48km! This fantastic model makes sure of shock-absorbing technology, so you’ll have a smooth ride even when going over some bumpy roads. It also features two rearview mirrors, and twin baskets for carrying whatever you want to bring with you, or whatever you buy from the shops. These mobility scooters all have a speed of around 4-8mph.


If you would like to find out more about our range of mobility scooters or any other products, please get in touch with us through our web contact form. Here you can also find details of how to contact your local branch directly. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have for us.