All About Our Baths and Showers

At The Mobility Store, we know our customers have a range of reasons why there is a need for changes with baths and showers, whether it is to do with illness, disability, or age. You may be looking at options for yourself, or for an elderly relative, and everything we do is to make life that little bit easier for everyone we serve. Today we’ll go through some of the options when it comes to baths and showers, including walk-in options, bathroom designs, and wet rooms.

Walk-in Options

We have a range of walk-in baths and showers, which aim to provide you with easy access to its enclosure or cubicle through a door section, on either the left or right side. Along with these products are a variety of different additional features. This includes a selection of different tap positions, end panels, twist grip, and pop-up or chain waste options. Seating can be fitted in both showers and tubs, so you can enjoy this part of your daily routine. There may be even more features you’d like to add in order to make the most of this, such as hydrotherapy elements, which can help as part of treatment for certain conditions like arthritis.

Bathroom Designs

We can help with a complete re-design of your bathroom using the latest computer program enabling you to actually see what the finished bathroom will look like. With this option, we would be looking at how to make your bathroom wheelchair accessible if required. This often entails creating a wider opening with easy access doors to enable you to once again enjoy the benefits of being able to shower and bathe. Along with this, we can offer special disabled friendly shower rails and cubicles as part of the design.

Wet Rooms

A shower room, or wet room, can be the answer to easy cleaning rituals for those with mobility issues. These rooms are made with your safety in mind, and are made bespoke to your requirements. Our choice of styles include both traditional and contemporary to suit all tastes.

Contact Us

There’s no obligation when you contact us in Aylesbury where we can talk you through the options available, and provide you with a quotation and a design once we’ve assessed your requirements. When you visit us in person, you can view all our products for shower and bath mobility solutions, and you’re welcome to be guided around our showroom. Alternatively, you can contact us through our web contact form, where you will also find details of our branch contact numbers. A member of our team will be pleased to help you find what you need.