FAQ: Is a Walk-In Bath Right for My Home?

Walk-in baths can be a great way to add easy access and convenience to a bathroom for those who would otherwise struggle with standard baths and bathrooms.

If you suffer with join or mobility issues, or suffer from other disabilities, then walk-in baths provide an easy and safe to use solution to bring comfort back to your bathroom, and more independence in your life.

What is a walk-in bath?

A walk-in bath is a deep tub, usually with a seat for the user to perch on, that has a door in the side for ease of access and exit.

Are walk-in baths watertight?

Yes, they are. Walk-in bath doors can open outward into the room, or inward into the bath. The latter is better if your bathroom is particularly small or awkwardly shaped. Both types of door fit snugly into the side of the bath, forming a strong tight seal so that no water will leak out.

How easy is it to install a walk-in bath?

Walk-in baths usually take up the same space as occupied by a regular bath, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose the one that best fits the available space and call in an installation team. Installing a walk-in bath is probably best left to the experts as you do not want to take a chance on flooding your home, but the installation process should be completed in one day as long as all the pipework is in good condition and in the right place.

With adjustments to pipework the installation may take up to five days or so. It’s best to consult us regarding specific installation times, as they can vary from home to home.

Who are walk-in baths for?

Anyone with mobility problems can use a walk-in bath. Elderly people sometimes feel insecure stepping into a bath and people with physical disabilities can struggle to get in and out of baths. Walk-in baths can be required by anyone at any stage of their life, which is why they are made to fit into most bathrooms.

Do they take a long time to fill and empty?

As you have to go into the bath and close the door before you can fill it up, and have to wait until the water has drained away before you can come out, one concern many people have is whether or not it’s going to take too long a time to have a bath. Most modern walk-in baths come with quick fill and quick empty capacity to make the process shorter and to stop you having to sit around in the cold while the bath drains.

Where can I get a walk-in bath?
From us! At The Mobility Store we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a warm and relaxing soak in the bath, and we provide an excellent range of walk-in baths for you to choose from. Call us or pop in to ask about the options available!