Main Safety Features of Wet Rooms

For a minimalist design overflowing with style and practical safety features, the wet room is the perfect solution. Designed to be practical but with a contemporary twist, a wet room is growing in popularity across the UK. However we at the Bath Mobility Store believe that wet rooms Tring are perfect for those with reduced mobility or wheelchair users, and we’re about to tell you why.

There are many attractive features of a wet room, and most of them are centred on practical health and safety. To give you an insight into what these are, we have devised the following guide.

Level Access

Wet rooms are on one level, removing the need to step up or down and therefore creating a safer environment for you to wash in. In addition to this there is no traditional shower tray, which creates user friendly access for those of varying mobility’s.

Slip Resistant Floor Surface

Located in the bathroom it’s essential that the floor is non-slip to avoid any accidents arising. This is something we at Bath Mobility Store provide, as we believe it generates a safer washing environment for all who use it.

Fully Tiled

While this makes the room completely watertight, it also makes it easier for you to clean it – making it more hygienic. This is essential, especially for those who are prone to catching infections.

Flexible Layout

The open plan design of the wet room allows easy access, and creates the illusion of more space. This creates a versatile and contemporary space.

If you would like to learn more about wet rooms, then we at the Bath Mobility Store can help. We have years of experience in the design and installation of these modern-day bathrooms, and because we specialise in mobility solutions your bathroom can be designed for your needs in mind. To get in touch click here.