Mobility For Any Budget: New & Used Mobility Scooters Available

Here at The Mobility Store, we stock a whole range of products to help make the lives of those who are less abled easier and more enjoyable. Whether you struggle with mobility, extensive walking or simply need extra assistance getting in and out of chairs, baths and showers then we can help.

One thing our company and our staff all greatly understand is that two people can have wildly different needs, and this is reflected not only in our extensive selection of mobility scooters and mobility aids, but also the range of prices we can offer – helped by us stocking both new and professionally refurbished mobility scooters.

Improving Your Mobility & Giving You Independence

If generally getting around or simply walking longer distances poses problems and difficulties in your life, then it can often feel like your independence has been snatched away from you and you feel you have to rely on others more than your perhaps comfortable with.

Thankfully, a high quality mobility scooter from our store can transform your life, allowing you to perform everyday tasks such as visiting friends and family as well as making trips to shops and supermarkets a much more manageable experience. Our range includes everything from portable and compact scooters which easily fit in the back of a car, to pavement and road legal scooters – whatever your mobility and access needs might be.

Range Of Professionally Refurbished Scooters

Here at The Mobility Store, we understand that everyone has different budgets for what they are looking to, or are able to, spend on a mobility scooter. While our range of new scooters is extensive, we also offer a wide selection of professionally refurbished used mobility scooters to provide you with the same high quality scooter and product, with the only difference being the price.

All of our reconditioned mobility scooters come with a full year’s guarantee, with models currently available from as little as £295. Act fast, though, as our refurbished scooters are available on a first come first served basis – once they’re gone, they’re gone! You’re always welcome to visit our showroom to look at our full range of scooters, examine their condition and find one that’s right for you.

Our range of scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility aids are available in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Tring and in other local surrounding areas. To see what range of mobility scooters we have available, check out The Mobility Store scooters page or call us today on 01296 614 519 for some expert advice from our friendly team.