What Is The Correct Mobility Scooter For Me?

Here at The Mobility Store, we carry a wide range of mobility scooters, available in different styles, colours, sizes and brands. There are always plenty of choices. This, however, leaves you the customer with a very important question… Which mobility scooter is right for me?

If you are no longer able to walk as you once could, perhaps you can no longer walk as far as you before, then a disability scooter could well be the solution you’re looking for. With seemingly so much choice available, and with such a potentially bewildering number of disability scooters on the market, you might ask which is the one for me?

Mobility scooters are available as either class two or class three variants. The former is designed for use on pavements with a maximum speed of 4mph and includes both our car boot and pavement scooters. The latter has the ability to be driven on the road (road legal) at 8mph, although a speed limiter is fitted with a maximum speed of 4mph for pavement use.

Pavement Mobility Scooters

Recently, the most popular pavement scooters are the specialised models known as “Car Boot” disability scooters. These have been developed in order for the disabled user to transport their vehicle in easily dismantled parts, inside the car to the shops, the local park, or the seaside etc. On arrival, the disability scooter is quickly and easily re-assembled for convenient use.

A range normally of between 10 to 15 miles with a weight carrying capacity of up to 22 stones completes what is a versatile package.

Names such as the Pride go-go, The Mercury Prismand the Freedom Compact have proved reliable models, and for the extra weight carrying requirements, The Pride Revo also has a long list of satisfied users.

Road-Going Mobility Scooters

A road-going mobility scooter normally means not only increased speed but other benefits also.

As well as a full lighting package, including front and rear lights, and indicators, comfort is usually high on the list of features; a “captain’s seat” will provide the user with a smooth ride, enhanced by the better suspension that is often fitted.

Class 3 road going mobility scooters have a superior range of anything up to 40 miles, and names like the Landlex Broadway RS, The Gazelle and The Pride Ranger have all given reliable and satisfactory service.

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