Sit Back and Relax with Our Beds and Recliners

At The Mobility Store, we have a range of different products for those with mobility issues, from mobility scooters to bath and shower products to make your life more comfortable. Today we’re going to go through our selection of reclining beds and seating, whether your needs are orthopaedic, bariatric, or other.

Bariatrics Beds

Most of our beds are able to hold up to 60 stone in weight, with a 2- year guarantee to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Our bariatrics beds are specially designed to offer the necessary support, in a hospital-style that is easy to clean and adjust. Castors are lockable, but this also means you can move the bed into different rooms, so loved ones can always be around. There are many different features, including heavy-duty motors, which are waterproof and dustproof, which is ideal for those with respiratory conditions. It is easily operated electronically, with the ability to raise the back and knee/leg area, as well as offering chair positioning with a metal head and footboards.

Rise and Recliner Beds

We provide our customers with four additional options when it comes to our rise and recliner beds, including Cromwell, Richmond, Balmoral, and Denver. The Cromwell design is a single bed that would fit well in any bedroom, capable of supporting over-bed tables and hoists. The corner gussets and birch hardwood supporting rails offer the necessary support, whilst still being aesthetically pleasing, and with your choice of upholstery and mattress. For added luxury, you may opt for the Richmond model, featuring a double arch design with decorative trimming and a padded surround. The Balmoral is another highly comfortable and luxurious option, with head and foot ends making additional head and footboards unnecessary. The Denver model features a five-fold mechanism and OKIN Whisper-quiet motor system, with a great lumbar adjustment with a firm but soft feel. The Richmond, along with the Balmoral and Denver models are all available as a single, double, and dual beds.

Rise and Recliner Armchairs

We provide custom rise and recliner armchairs, which aim to be affordable without compromising on the quality. The Regal model is a timeless classic design with a button back and small delicate wings. The Royal model is practical yet decorative, with a burgundy patterned design, featuring three bolster cushions, with zipped backs to adjust to the individual user for optimum comfort. The Regent model comes in a teal colour with a flat back and large wings, featuring a head role for added comfort. It’s also available in memory pressure foam to help with pressure management. Lastly, the Hampton model has larger wings than the Regal, and the design fits in well with many three-piece suites.

Rise and Recliner Fireside Chairs

We also have the option for a fireside chair with the Barrowford model, which matches two-seater settee and footstools. Fully upholstered, it comes complete with wings and infills, with the choice of either mahogany or beech frames.

Rise and Recliner Settees

In addition to our fireside armchair, we also stock a two seater settee in the same classic Barrowford design. Again, it is supplied with wings and infills, and you can match with your choice of wood, along with the chair and footstools.

Contact Us

For more information on our mobility beds and seating, please visit our contact page and complete the enquiry form. There you can find the details to call our stores in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Princes Risborough and Tring. A member of our dedicated team will be pleased to assist you with any queries you may have for us.