Types of Disability Showers in Aylesbury

Having a disability of any type shouldn’t mean that you automatically lose your independence – and this is something which has been recognised by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), which requires shops, businesses, public transport and public places to have suitable and appropriate access for anyone who suffers from a disability. Although this helps to make things easier in terms of getting around, it can often be the everyday tasks in the home, such as showering, which cause the most problems. However, here at the Bath Mobility Store, we are trying to reverse the trend by providing a wide range of disability showers throughout the Aylesbury area.

Throughout the years, here at the Bath Mobility Store we’ve been providing a range of bathing and showering options suitable for those with disabilities. The range of disability showers that we currently stock and install include:

Surface Mounted and Level Access Shower Cubicles:

Similar to shower cubicles which are already installed into bathrooms up and down the country, our shower cubicles can either be surface mounted, with an integrated ramp leading up to them, or level access to make getting in and out easier.

Inside the cubicles, we can fit seats, grab rails and bars to make your showering experience more comfortable and easier to move.

Walk-In Showers:

As the name suggests, these showers provide easy access and are very similar to level access shower cubicles.  Along with the benefits of a level-access shower, walk-in showers come with anti-slip surfaces and tilting lips to prevent leaks; whilst also being suitable or any sized bathroom.

An added benefit of our walk-in showers is that they can safely take 39 stone, making them suitable for those who use a wheelchair. But before we fit any of our disability showers we will visit your home, to assess at the bathroom they are to be installed in. During our visit we’ll talk through the benefits of each range we offer. This means you can be certain that you’re getting the best shower for your needs.