Wash Safely with a Walk in Shower

If you suffer from a disability or a lack of mobility in old age then you will not be able to do the things that able-bodied people take for granted, and that includes even the most of basic of day-to-day tasks. Having the freedom to be able to wash every day is essential for our hygiene as well as our confidence, so if you are unable to get into the bath or shower unaided then this can pose a major problem for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Here at the Bath Mobility Store we are committed to helping people of all disabilities improve the quality of their life by providing walk in shower in Tring and the surrounding areas, so read on to find out more.

Solutions to Suit Your Bathroom

Here at the Bath Mobility Store we understand that no two bathrooms are the same, which is why we will first evaluate your current bathroom setup to identify the walk in shower solution that is right for you. Our aim is to make your showering simpler, easier and safer, so it is essential that we choose the set-up that best suits your needs.

A Wide Range of Disability Showers

To achieve the aim of providing a solution that will suit your bathroom is it important to have a wide selection of systems to choose from, and to that end we offer a wide range of practical and functional walk in showers that will make it easy for you to enjoy your shower again.

All of our units feature an integral low ramp as standard, as well as anti-slip surfaces and tilting lips to prevent water movement and leakage. We can offer all manner of colours and module types, so you can rest assured you will have no trouble finding the perfect walk in shower unit.

If you’d like to find out more about our walk in showers, or any of the other products we can provide, get in touch with out experienced and understanding team on 01296 614 519 today.