What’s The Right Rise & Recline Chair For Me?

When considering the purchase of a Rise & Recline armchair, what factors should guide the disabled purchaser?

When customers looking for a Rise and Recline Chairs visit our showroom in Aylesbury they often ask us these questions…

Many people start their investigations with the all-important question, “how much is it?”

Obviously, the cost is important, as it is foolish to pay too much. On the other hand, it is also unwise to pay too little, as today’s “bargain” could well end up as tomorrow’s unusable waste of money.

So let us list the points that should lead the choice of Rise & Recliner armchair.

What Size Rise & Recline Chair Do I Require?

Many Rise & Recliner chairs are a one size only fits all, regardless of height or weight of the disabled enquirer.

The question needs to be asked, can we really expect a 5 foot 2 inch, six stone person to be comfortable in the same Rise & Recliner chair, as a 6 foot, sixteen stone user.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers are content to offer the identical solution to these so differently sized purchasers.

Other manufacturers go some way by offering a choice of “large” or “small”. Hardly a genuine choice you may well say.

Here at The Mobility Store we recognise this problem and offer a “made to measure” service at no extra charge.

The Benefits of Made to Measure Rise & Recline Chairs

Our own preferred answer is to “make to measure”. Considering that the Rise & Recline chair is being purchased for someone with a disability, it seems logical to ensure complete comfort by providing a product whose dimensions are made with a particular user in mind, with no size or weight compromises.

We now come to the question, “With what type of motor should the Rise and Recliner chair be fitted?”

Names such as “Dual Motor”, “Wall Hugger”, and” Tilt’n’Space” are often used, but what do they mean?

The Dual Motor Rise & Recline Armchair

The “Dual Motor” has been designed in order that the disabled user can fine-tune the exact height of the foot raiser, whilst selecting the best rake of the seat back.

Often the user not only requires the Rise & Recline chair to be used as an armchair but can occasionally be transformed into a bed type arrangement. If this is the case, the “Dual Motor” may well be the answer.

The Wall Hugger Rise & Recline Armchair

The “Wall Hugger” Rise & Recline chair is particularly useful when it is to be placed near to a wall or other obstruction.

The benefit of this type of Rise & Recline chair is that the foot height and the back rake control work off a single button, whilst just before the back reclines, the whole of the armchair body moves away from the wall sufficiently to permit the back to recline to its full position. The obvious benefit is that the user can position the Rise & Recline chair permanently close to a wall, without the requirement of “manhandling” the armchair every time it is to be used.

The Wall Hugger Rise & Recline chair operates by raising the feet first. Only on reaching full height does the back start to recline.

This permit’s the user to choose a comfortable position for watching TV, for eating or writing, or if required fully recline.

The “Tilt‘n’Space” Rise & Recline Armchair

The “Tilt‘n’Space” Rise & Recline chair is an excellent choice for people with back or hip problems, together with those who may have breathing difficulties.

Essentially the Rise & Recline chair remains in its 90-degree position, whether reclining or lifting the disabled user gently out of the armchair.

Should a potential user feel that this is the correct answer to their problems; the only way to be certain is to take advice, and importantly ask for a demonstration!


The last point is perhaps the most important. If you are considering a purchase involving special needs, it is probably a risk to order a product without trying it out to ensure that it is exactly right.
Remember also, not only can Rise & Recline chairs assist the disabled user to exit the chair, but some people find being gently lowered into the armchair an unexpected bonus.

Your new purchase should offer comfort, practicality, give any possible respite available to aid any disability. It goes without saying that to achieve all of these, only Rise & Recline armchairs made from the best available materials will suffice.

As has been said earlier, it is unwise to pay too much for your new Rise & Recline armchair, however, we genuinely believe that a choice that involves a product manufactured especially for the user, and can be purchased for as little as £995.00 must be considered great value for money.

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