Who Benefits From A Walk In Shower?

Almost everyone can benefit from a walk in shower Tring. Being able to get straight out of bed and walk into the hot steamy water in your shower, without having to clamber over the sides of a bath or fumble with a shower curtain is bliss. Here at the Bath Mobility Store we are experts in building bath and shower mobility solutions tailored for you, no matter what your situation.

Many of our customers have mobility problems that require them to use disability aids, and our years of experience allows us to create the perfect walk in shower for each of our customers. We supply and install a wide range or ergonomic shower cubicles to adapt to your situation, as well as your current bathroom. Don’t worry if your bathroom is small or an awkward shape we will design one that will easily fit.

All our showers have an anti-slip service and can be fitted with a low ramp, shower curtains and grab bars. Our wheelchair accessible showers are fitted with magnetic doors that open both inwards and outwards for maximum ease of use, as well as strengthened seats inside the cubicle. We offer a range of different coloured and opaque glass so you can customise you shower.

As we get older, getting in and out of the bath and shower can become more difficult. Our team at the Bath Mobility Store know the importance of keeping your independence no matter what age or ability; and our walk in showers are perfect for those of us getting a bit older, allowing us to shower easily in the privacy of our own bathrooms.

Our walk in showers are fully customisable to meet the needs of our older customers and can be fitted with a range of support features making them a safe alternative to your current bath or shower.

If you think you could benefit from a walk in shower Tring call us today on 01296 614 519 and find out how we can help you.