Disability Showers: Make Your Home Meet Your Needs

Being able to shower easily and in comfort is a basic part of everyone’s daily life, but if a conventional shower unit or fitting becomes difficult to use it can make something as simple as getting ready in the morning an arduous and frustrating task.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though, and our disability showers and disabled access wet rooms here at the Bath Mobility Store can help you restore the comfort and relaxation to showering.

Easy, Safe Access

Showering shouldn’t be a dangerous task but when you have to deal with wet and slippery surfaces it can become difficult. Thankfully, our range of disability showers offer you a number of construction options and configurations to ensure that your new shower will meet your personal needs; safety is our number one priority.

All our disability showers feature anti-slip surfaces, an easy access low ramp and tilting lips to stop water leakage making them incredibly safe and very easy to use. We have a wide range of products on offer with a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and style on offer to ensure that you have a shower that not only fits in with your requirements, but also fits in with your bathroom’s style.

High Quality Construction

When it comes to your bathroom, especially your shower or bath fittings, quality is paramount. This is especially true for disability showers, where quality doors and ramps are integral to keeping water in and sturdiness for wheelchair users is particularly important.

All of the showers in our range here at the Bath Mobility Store are made of a sturdy GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) mould, which is an incredibly strong material. Our disability showers can safely hold 39 stone (250kg) of weight, which make our products a particularly great choice for wheelchair users.

Whatever your needs, the Bath Mobility Store can help provide you with an easy, safe and secure solution for your bathroom and help make showering comfortable again. We are a leading supplier of walk in showers in Aylesbury and the Buckinghamshire area, as well as providing professional installation services. For more information on our products call us now on 01296 614 519, or contact us via our website.