Glass Screens for Wet Rooms Beaconsfield

For many of us, attempting to climb into the bath or a small, restrictive shower cubicle can pose a significant safety risk. As such a regular task, it may only be a matter of time before an unfortunate accident, such as slipping on the wet surface, may occur. Here at the Bath Mobility Store, we can provide a solution to such a problem, to ensure maximum safety and comfort when showering or bathing. Wet rooms in Beaconsfield with stylish glass screens are an excellent and easy way of creating a safe environment which will minimise potential hazards, enabling all people to enjoy and relax whilst bathing.

Ergonomic shower cubicles present a large range of benefits for the user. With a design centred on providing flexibility and versatility, you’ll be able to enjoy showering with ultimate ease. The glass screens can be adapted to fit your specific requirements and make an attractive and stylish feature within the bathroom.  The shower cubicles can be surface mounted or built to provide level access, depending on your own specifications.

All glass screens and cubicles are extremely easy to install, and don’t require any alteration of your existing bathroom, such as re-tiling. Our experienced installers are able to fit the screens with quality and precision around your current bathroom, providing minimum disruption and maximum customer satisfaction.

After we have fitted the glass screens in an arrangement and design which are both convenient and appealing, we’ll also be able to fit other helpful features such as anti-slip surfaces and grab bars, which will help to ensure your wet room remains safe.

Unsure of what measures can be taken to improve your current bathroom? Why not let our friendly and innovative team visit you, for a no-obligation assessment of how you could effectively enhance your bathing space. We’ll be able to take you through the products and installation process, step-by-step, providing a competitive up-front quote for you to consider.

Don’t run the risk of slipping or injuring yourself whilst bathing or showering. Regain the freedom to shower in luxury and peace of mind with one of our uniquely designed wet rooms Beaconsfield.