Thank You

Good morning Team Aylesbury!!!!

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend and made the most of the glorious weather?

I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for the support and service afforded me on Friday.

I came into the store with my Brother-in-law, with a list but no pre-conception of what I required.

From the outset after a short discussion it was clear that understanding my needs and requirements, was not going to be to difficult to supply and provide the necessary advice and equipment.

Fairly quickly, I was attached to a machine and busy ‘zooming” round the premises and outside grounds.

After spending 3 hours, discussing, trying and general chit chat!
It was clear which mobility scooter was for me, to meet all my needs and requirements for my first time.

Having picked The Motion Lithilite Pro, it was soon packed in the car and I was on my way home back to ******* *****.

Friday evening saw my first adventure round the block. But I must remember…….when going round corners, i dont need to lean in like a motorbike and end up on 2 wheels ‘lol’………

Saturday saw my first real mission. Off to the local Tesco’s. I was able to take my scooter into the store and complete my shopping experience. The first time independently in a couple of years due to the pandemic.

The biggest enjoyment though has been to see the smile on my wifes face, the knowledge to know she is happy to see me with my independence once again!!

So thank you very much to you all.

With kind regards