The Differences Between Walk-In Showers & Wet Rooms

For a lot of us, showers and baths are a time to relax, for others, it can seem like more of a chore. This daily task can be difficult for elderly or disabled people if they have to step over the side of a bath or onto a shower tray.

Walk-in showers and washrooms are great alternatives to your average shower or bath, this post should help you determine which is right for you.

Benefits of Walk-In Showers


Showers are sometimes the only accessible option for people who can no longer step in and out of the bath and sometimes it’s just a quicker and easier option for them. These types of showers are made with ultra-low trays and can be reduced to as little as 40mm, so if needed it can be wheelchair accessible.

One of the main differences between walk-in showers and wet rooms is the price, due to it being a smaller, simpler design they will usually be cheaper to install. This price can vary depending on what extras you want, you can get rails, seats and anti-slip trays to provide accessibility for everyone.

Benefits of Wet Rooms


Wet rooms, on the other hand, are showers where the entire area is tiled, including the flooring because it does not have a tray like the walk-in shower does. This design allows for even easier access than the walk-in shower since it often has more space and doesn’t have a ledge that you have to step upon, this is especially good for wheelchair users. Just like the walk-in shower, you can also have added features like non-slip tiles, handrails and seats.

Due to its typically spacious design, it helps people who need a caretaker to help them wash as there is more space for them to come in. Although they are obviously more beneficial in a big space, they also work in small there bathrooms too. Since these bathrooms rely on being 100% waterproof to avoid leaks it can be more costly to install, however, the added comfort, accessibility and space can make it all worth it.

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