Wet Rooms to Buy in High Wycombe

If you’re thinking of re-doing your bathroom for a more contemporary finish or to suit your mobility requirements, then the wet room is the ideal solution for both. A wet room can open up your bathroom revealing a dramatic increase in space, ease of access and a contemporary feel that can be timeless. The Bath Mobility Store understands the importance of providing a range of products to meet all of your needs. Our wet rooms High Wycombe not only provide great access for people with limited mobility, but also a quality finish that will suit all of your style specifications.

Wet rooms are extremely advantageous for numerous reasons, the common one being ease of access. Wet rooms provide a large showering area that does not require you to use a shower tray to step into and out of, or glass panes to open and close. Wet rooms provide an open space that is completely water tight, more so than an average bathroom, prolonging the normal expected lifespan of your bathroom.

A wet room can be fitted with special features to meet all of your needs. Handrails, non-slip floor tiles, under floor heating or seating areas are among the vast array of feature we can offer our customers. We are experts in bathing and shower solutions, specifically those tailored to meet the essential requirements of those with limited mobility.

Our vast expertise in mobility products allows us to carry out a bespoke survey to enable us to fully understand and meet all of your needs. We have a showroom which will enable you to come down and see the full and spacious effect and benefits that a wet room can offer your home.

A wet room is a great solution if you struggle with limited mobility. Our skills with wet rooms can be tailored to meet your personal and functional needs. With years of experience in mobility, here at the Bath Mobility Store we provide a quality and reliable service that will go beyond meeting all of your showering needs. For more information on wet rooms High Wycombe call us today on 01494 809 376.