Why Choose a Walk in Shower?

We all need to keep clean, and having a shower each day is the best way of achieving this as it allows us to quickly and easily wash every part of our body with minimal water use. However, there comes a time in our life where stepping in and out of a conventional shower can be a strain and even a very dangerous activity due to the heightened worry of slipping. Avoiding showering altogether is out of the question, so choosing a walk in shower High Wycombe from the Bath Mobility Store is the best way to get back to the quick and easy clean a shower should provide.

When aches and pains can begin to take over, even the idea of lowering into a bath and then pulling ourselves back out of it can become a troublesome task. Instead, standing beneath a warm jet of water is a much healthier, pain-free and enjoyable option. It is our aim to assess your current bathroom setup and decipher how we can utilise our innovative solutions to make showering a breath of fresh air each morning. We take into account everything from size and specific dimensions to the bathroom cladding on the walls.

No matter the unique dimensions of your bathroom, all of the walk in showers we install are designed around making use of corner areas of bathrooms and compensate for “out of square” walls – resulting in a showering solution that can be installed into any bathroom.

To give you a clear picture of what your walk in shower will look like and how it will ensure that showering is something you’ll be looking forward to, instead of dreading and calling for a helping hand, every walk in shower High Wycombe will consist of an integral low ramp for easy access. They also include anti-slip surfaces, tilting lips (to prevent movement and water leakage) and will offer configurations of bespoke and standard doors and colour options. Choosing a walk in shower will make you feel young again and cost a lot less than the dangers of conventional showering could do – call 01296 614 519 to speak to a friendly member of our team today.